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Heat Exchanger Cleaning


 Our high-pressure water jetting equipment will clean heat exchangers to the highest standards.


  • We offer customised Internal tube cleaning systems designed to clean all types of heat
  • With our technology cleaning is executed safely, fast, efficiently, cost effectively and
    environmentally friendly.

Working with up to 5 rigid lances, spraying high pressure water, the system automatically moves through the tube internal
length, indexing both horizontally and vertically ensuring an effective cleaning job of all the tube configurations.

Rated to 1000 bar (15,000psi), this system’s design and operation maximises operator safety and efficiency.
It is capable of cleaning tube lengths of up to 13m, from 12mm internal diameter.

Remotely operated from the control cabin, operator safety is ensured during the cleaning process.
Quicker turnaround and less downtime for tube cleaning restoring effective heat transfer.

Possible Applications

  • Wash bay cleaning
  • In-situ cleaning
  • Horizontal and vertical


  • Pipe work
  • Fin fan tubes and fins


  • Shells
  • Components


  • Vessels and columns
  • Every type of contamination

Other Services

Here at the ASL Group we are partnered alongside Poole Process Equipment Ltd that are Specialist's in Design, Manufacture and Renovation of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels for oil and gas, energy and process industries globally, offering customer's the full package of services to keep the maintenance of their product working to the highest standard possible. Take a Look at what Services they provide, Click The Image below to be Redirected to Poole Process Equipment Website: 

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About Us

We have a well earned reputation for Safety, Quality and Attention to Detail. We monitor all of our work for quality; ensuring your specification and requirements are satisfied and welcome the opportunity to work with your company to ensure appropriate health and safety procedures are followed when carrying out the work on your site.


What We Do

We provide cleaning and cutting services for residential, commercial and industrial customers using high pressure water jetting techniques and also Maintenance & Optimisation.


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